Empower is the local development company for Fingal. Empower is responsible for a range of Government funded programmes to meet the needs of individuals, families and community groups.


These include the Local Employment Service, TÚS in Dublin 15 and the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP), which delivers services and programmes across Fingal.


Company Vision

To ensure that all who live in Fingal are valued equally.  To live and work within a culture of raised expectations and equal opportunities for all.  Where social inclusion and financial security is a lived experience for children, families, individuals and communities in Fingal.


To enable positive change by offering leadership, partnership and innovation to individuals and communities across Fingal.  To respond to unemployment and social exclusion through relevant and appropriate programmes and services.  To empower the voices and actions of marginalised people and groups by co-ordinating and delivering innovative social inclusion initiatives.  To improve the quality of life of those we serve through brave advocacy and anti-poverty measures.  To lead, facilitate and co-ordinate the anti-poverty and social inclusion strategy across Fingal.

We work with individuals, children & families, groups and communities who experience or who are at risk of experiencing social, cultural, health and economic disadvantage.  We campaign for social inclusion and improving life opportunities by:

  1. Supporting individuals on their journey to financial independence by providing access to jobs, education, training or self-employment.
  2. Strengthening community-based organisations to provide anti-poverty and social-inclusion services and supports at a local level.
  3. Empowering individuals and communities to become central to the policies and decisions that affect life opportunities in their own communities.
  4. To lead, co-ordinate and work in partnership with community organisations, service providers, statutory agencies and relevant stakeholders to instigate and implement social inclusion and anti-poverty plans and projects across Fingal.