What is TÚS?

TÚS is an opportunity for unemployed jobseekers to work with community, non-profit & charitable organisations in the Dublin 15 area. How we do it, is by offering part-time jobs to individuals in one of these organisations for one year.  TÚS can help you start a career, change career or simple break the gaps of unemployment on your CV. It can also help under staffed, underfunded community organisations deliver services in the Dublin 15 area.

A commitment of 19.5 hours per week is required. Candidates can work in areas such as Administration, Caring, Childcare, Security, Maintenance & much more.

It is easier to get a job when you are in a job and TÚS can help you update references & gain new skills and contacts.  A top-up will be added to your social welfare payment & this will be paid directly into your bank account on a weekly basis.

How to take part:


Jobseekers -


Are you unemployed & on a Jobseekers allowance payment for at least twelve months? If so, there are two ways to take part.

  • Random selected from the live register from the local DSP office.
  • Self-referral through your LES mediator or your DSP case officer.


If you would like to find out more about TÚS please phone 01-8262342 to arrange an appointment.


Community Organisations –


Are you a community, non-profit or charitable organisation in the Dublin 15 area looking for additional workers but not in a position to cover the cost? TÚS might work for you. You must be able to offer work for 19.5 hours a week in a role that suits your needs.


Please contact the TÚS Team to find out more:


Blanchardstown Area Partnership

Parkside 1, 2nd Floor,

Mulhuddart Village, Dublin 15