Blanchardstown Care and Repair service is aimed at elderly residents in the Dublin 15 area.  Our volunteers and staff provide a willing pair of helping hands to do a variety of small tasks that an older person may find difficult to do.  A job   is expected to take no longer than an hour, though many small tasks may be undertaken during the same visit.  The client only pays for the cost of materials and has peace of mind knowing that all volunteers and staff are Garda vetted.


Typical jobs include:

  • Replacing light bulbs & plugs
  • Servicing/replacing smoke alarms
  • Putting up shelves
  • Moving light furniture
  • Tacking loose carpet
  • Putting up curtains/poles
  • Fixing small leaks

Trade Referral Programme


Would you like to be able to make contact with reliable tradespeople who won’t over charge?  We supply the names and contact details of trustworthy trades’ people from our register.



I.T. Home Supports


This support is free of charge and is available to anyone over 55 years of age.  Trained advisors will help people with little or no prior experience of working computers or mobile phones.  All advisors are Garda vetted and will carry identification at all times.  Support will take place in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time and normally take no longer than 60 to 90 minutes.  Clients must ensure they have a functioning home internet connection and either; a laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone.  Clients will receive training on a range of activities which may include:


  • Using a smartphone, tablet, internet
  • Internet safety
  • Online banking
  • Setting up and management of an email account
  • Navigating Windows
  • Using social media e.g. Skype, Facebook, twitter